Blue Lake Water Care

The Blue Lake is unique. It is the water supply for Mount Gambier and a major tourist attraction for South Australia.
The Lake is an exposure of the regional groundwater system in an extinct volcanic crater. 
A mixture of storm water and underground water flows into the Blue Lake to replace water pumped from it.
It is our responsibility to ensure that the water does not become polluted.

Where Is the Blue Lake Capture Zone?
The Groundwater Capture Zone has been defined so that land use within the area can be planned to minimize the risk of groundwater contamination, which may affect the Blue Lake.

How the Project Works for You?

Business and Industry
As part of this project businesses and industries will have the opportunity for a free consultation with a project officer. Through the project, businesses will learn how to avoid storm water pollution, conserve water and improve environmental practices. Workshops and seminars will also be held.

The community will be introduced to methods of conserving water in the home, how to avoid polluting the water of the Blue Lake and protect the local environment through fact sheets, displays and various community events.

Blue Lake Water Care

Project Aim
The Blue Lake Water care Project will improve awareness of issues affecting both water quality and quantity of the Blue Lake and the aquifer within the capture zone.

Zone I Groundwater protection zone Zone II
Capture zone and buffer zone

Public Authorities
Staff and Elected Members of both Councils as well as public authorities are involved in education about the responsibilities in storm water management, what they can do to reduce their water consumption and other environmental responsibilities.

This project is sponsored by:
South East Catchment Water Management Board, City of Mount Gambier
Environmental Protection Agency, SA Water, Transport SA

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